Giacomo Bighin

Giacomo Bighin

Publications and preprints

  • A. G. Volosniev, G. Bighin, L. Santos, L. A Peńa Ardila, “Non-equilibrium dynamics of dipolar polarons “, to appear in SciPost Physics. 🔗

  • G. Bighin, P.A. Murthy, N. Defenu, T. Enss, “Resonantly enhanced superconductivity mediated by spinor condensates”, under review. 🔗

  • G. Bighin, T. Enss, N. Defenu, “Universal scaling in fractional dimension”, under review. 🔗

  • L. Salasnich, A. Cappellaro, K. Furutani, A. Tononi, G. Bighin “First and second sound in two-dimensional bosonic and fermionic superfluids”, Symmetry 14, 2182 (2022). 🔗

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  • G. Bighin, Q.P. Ho, M. Lemeshko, T.V. Tscherbul, “Diagrammatic Monte Carlo for electronic correlation in molecules: high-order many-body perturbation theory with low scaling”, accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. B. 🔗

  • I.N. Cherepanov, G. Bighin, C.A. Schouder, A.S. Chatterley, H. Stapelfeldt, M. Lemeshko, “A simple model for high rotational excitations of molecules in a superfluid”, accepted for publication in New J. Phys. 🔗

  • G. Bighin, A. Burchianti, F. Minardi, T. Macrì, “An impurity in a heteronuclear two-component Bose mixture”, accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. A. 🔗

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  • W. Rządkowski, N. Defenu, S. Chiacchiera, A. Trombettoni, G. Bighin, “Detecting hidden and composite orders in layered models via machine learning”, New J. Phys. 22, 093026 (2020). 🔗

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  • L. Salasnich and G. Bighin, “Renormalization of the superfluid density in the two-dimensional BCS-BEC crossover”, in the proceedings of the International Conference “Electron correlation in superconductors and nanostructures”, 17-20 August 2017, Odessa (Ukraine). 🔗

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